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Active Incident Response – White Paper

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At, we believe that the blueprint that drives the cybersecurity lane to success is to deter, apprehend, and disarm attacks without interference to our daily practices.

Peter Bookman, founder and CEO of guardDogSnippet from this White Paper article

excerpt from:

Between a mass convergence of intelligent devices and the devised chaos that has infiltrated our everyday lives, technological warfare of our “human rights” is being stripped away second by second by a faceless enemy of predators paraded as a superpower of communication preying on our vulnerabilities and tracking our every move inflicted with the sickness of exploitation, manipulation, and violation.

It has become appallingly clear that the invasion of a disenfranchised “network” is highly frangible against criminal factions of nefarious activities from online tactics to propagated interrogation that compromise our safety and put us gravely at risk.

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