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ReThink CyberSecurity

guardDog.ai provides a software service that simplifies cybersecurity management with AI-powered autonomous detection and response technology. The solution is designed to make advanced cybersecurity accessible for all sizes of Law Firms and organizations without complexity.



Law Firm

Law firms are especially attractive targets for cybercrime due to the sensitive nature of their work, which requires them to handle large amounts of highly confidential client data.

In fact, in the case of which at one time was the world’s fourth largest provider of offshore financial services, shut its doors after a data breach revealed that it had helped 140 politicians from 50 countries evade taxes. Governments around the world recovered more than $1 billion using documents the hackers released to journalists. Forbes claims the firm had very weak information security, including running old versions of key software that was riddled with vulnerabilities.

Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, a top entertainment law firm, lost an estimated 756 GB of sensitive client information to a cyberattack. The firm’s clients include Barbra Streisand, Lady Gaga, U2, Robert de Niro, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sony, among many additional A-list firms and stars. The hackers released a portion of one of Madonna’s contracts to prove they had the data and give credibility to their ransom demand. In an interview with Variety, one security analyst characterized the release of Madonna’s information as “the equivalent of a kidnapper sending a pinky finger,” to show they have the goods and are serious about acting on their threats.


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$6 Trillion 2021 Global Cyber Crime Impact Estimate

Average Breach Cost $3.86 Million

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  • New compliance rules + increased threat environment have led to new requirements and increased liability exposure.​
  • It is not a matter of “if” but “when”. Your firm is at risk.  Breaches are costly.​
  • ai Award-Winning Patent-Pending A.I. Technology Effortlessly Monitors the Security of all Network Devices (Internet of Things(IoT)), Networks, Users & Vendors 24/7/365. Daily+ Vulnerability Scans.​
  • Automated AI Cybersecurity – Real-Time PROACTIVE Attack Response. Autonomous Managed Detection and Response (AMDR).​
  • Plug & Protect – Simple Install, Simple UI & Dashboard.​
  • Affordable Subscription Model at Huge Value.

3 Main CyberSecurity Risks for Law Firms

Legal Professionals New Compliance Laws have led to Personal Liability, and your firm will be at risk. Lawyers and their firms handle very sensitive client information and confidential company data.

Dealing with breaches is very costly and you may be required to carry expensive cybersecurity insurance, costly Penetration Testing Monitoring, Remediation & Reporting on Cyber Risk for Your Organization.

guardDog continuously Monitors the Security and Compliance of Devices, Networks, Users & Vendors. Real-Time Remediation. Automate Cybersecurity. Compliance. Simple UI & Dashboard.

Data Breaches

Are one of the most common risks from the exposure and theft of confidential and/or sensitive information and data from Legal Professionals and Law Firms for a multitude of purposes that can include financial gain, to retaliate and many other reasons. Usually, these types of attacks are conducted from a remote location and point of entrance would be through your firm’s computers or smart devices located at your office location, or even your portable computer locations.


Cyber-criminals hold files and data hostage for a fee/ransom and basically shutting down and locking your operating systems until the fee or ransom is paid then the cyber-criminals will restore your operating system, data and files. This is one of the most problematic cyber incidences faced by any organization or law firm.

Phishing/Keylogger/Masked Emails

Is when the cyber-criminal sends a fake/scam email and/or instant message to an individual(s) in hopes that they will reply to the fake request of information or by clicking on a link or downloading a “document” that could contain a virus or Keylogging abilities. Larger Law Firms with high volume email traffic are more vulnerable to this type of risks. Some emails appear to be from a recognizable sender but in fact the cyber-criminal has masked the true sender’s email identity.


Recent Years

Supply Chain Attacks at Law Firms

Law firms have also been victims of supply chain attacks, as we’ve mentioned in a previous post.
“97% of companies have been negatively impacted by a cybersecurity breach that occurred in their supply chain,” according to Ericom Blog.


A ransomware attack on DLA Piper, one of the largest law firms in the world, crippled the company’s servers and email. The firm detected the malware quickly, before client data was believed to have been compromised. However, operations were severely impacted: Email was down for six days, and older documents were inaccessible for almost two weeks. Insurance industry brokers estimated the firm’s direct and indirect costs were “in the millions.” The firm’s IT department put in 15,000 hours of paid overtime to get back on track.


Accellion breach, started as a vulnerability in firewall equipment and became a global breach of confidential corporate and personal information.

Accellion is a firewall vendor. Cybercriminals used vulnerabilities to install a backdoor to the company’s File Transfer Appliance (FTA) which allowed them to steal data from the networks of the victims.

Healthcare organizations, including the US Department of Health and Human Services are thought to have been the most impacted by this Supply Chain Attack, although many other organizations were also hit including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Bombardier, Stanford University, Royal Dutch Shell, and the Jones Day Law Firm.


Device and Cloud Service for Remote Worker Management


Easy and fast setup in minutes without security expertise.

Real Time Monitors all endpoint devices on the network and indicates when threats occur to each.

Identifies threats, assigns threat level, and gets real-time updates from our AI-based cloud service on new threats.

Tracks all incidents by device in report logs that can be accessed through the users’ guardDog cloud dashboard.


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ReThink CyberSecurity


Autonomous Managed Detection and Response Solutions

guardDog.ai Secures Networks and Connected I.O.T. Devices to Edge Territory

guardDog.ai can be easily deployed on hardware, in virtualized environments, embedded systems, and more, offering automatic protection at the network level. Hidden threats to networks and devices are made visible and instantly terminated with intelligent countermeasures, and detected vulnerabilities are exposed. Management of the service, incident and severity level reporting, and access to additional advanced features are accessed through a cloud-based security operations dashboard.

guardDog.ai Award-Winning Technology


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