Adopt a guardDog of your own, protect your family

Most intrusions on Wi-Fi networks happen and nobody even knows, in a space we call edge territory.
Webcams, digital doorbells, and other devices on your network can leave backdoor holes in your privacy.
Would you leave your front door and windows open 24/7? Most people do that unintentionally with their networks.
Plug Fido into your network router, setup in a just a few minutes, and see threat levels and incidents from your guardDog Cloud Console.

guardDog is your 24-hour-a-day AI-powered security expert, trained to guard you. 

Monthly Plan

$25 per month for cloud subscription, $99 up front for Fido security device

  • guardDog Fido device
  • Basic cloud console
  • Basic reporting
  • AI-powered threat management

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Annual Plan

Save $99
$300 up front for first year of cloud subscription, and get your Fido security device for FREE!

  • guardDog Fido device FREE!
  • Basic cloud console
  • Basic reporting
  • AI-powered threat management

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  • guardDog packs
  • Manage thousands of users
  • Policy administration

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guardDog is launching soon, here are some questions we answered for our enterprise customers

Edge Territory is the invisible space between networks. For example connecting to a hotel or cafe Wi-Fi network or working from home while doing work could create vulnerabilities around sensitive or private data. Any device on a network can also leave openings, such as a web cam, a digital doorbell, etc. guardDog creates visibility in this space, and has an AI-powered cloud solution that keeps your guardDog device up to date on the latest threats. So, you can now see the invisible and do something to stop it.

guardDog can show you all devices on your network and will report suspicious activity using an array of color coded threat levels. All of these can be seen and managed through your guardDog cloud dashboard.

guardDog acts as a proxy between networks, to ensure only those authorized operate on your edge territory network. guardDog gets regular updates from our AI-powered cloud service which monitors and reports on threats. 

We have been working with enterprise customers to perfect our approach, and expect to launch for general users and small business before the end of 2020. 

We have not yet announced this, but our initial product will be monthly cloud service and device fee. Annual purchases will provide discounts.

Yes, we have been perfecting our approach with enterprise customers across industry verticals. guardDog is the perfect remote worker management platform and we are happy to tell you more. Click on Get in Touch for Enterprise Plan and someone on our team will get back with you.

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