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GUARDDOG is changing the way people approach cybersecurity.

GUARDDOG AI provides a software service that simplifies cybersecurity management with AI-powered autonomous detection and response technology. The solution is designed to make advanced cybersecurity accessible for small, mid-market, and distributed organizations without complexity. It can be easily deployed on hardware, in virtualized environments, embedded systems, and more, offering automatic protection at the network level. Hidden threats to networks and devices are made visible and instantly terminated with intelligent countermeasures, and detected vulnerabilities are exposed. Management of the service, incident and severity level reporting, and access to additional advanced features are accessed through a cloud-based security operations dashboard.

A New Approach - ReThinking Cybersecurity


ReThinking Cybersecurity

The landscape of cybersecurity has been altered dramatically by a collision of forces. Bringing a personal device to work used to be the biggest issue to deal with. Today, the attack surface has grown exponentially, splintering the corporate network and the protections that usually come with it. Employees are working from home and on other unprotected networks. An internet of things joins networks and creates new dimensions to security management.

A worldwide pandemic has fueled and expanded the surface, and traditional solutions for protection are no longer adequate. We realized that we needed to rethink our approach to cybersecurity. It needed to be intelligent. It needed to be capable. It needed to be automatic. It needed to be simplified.

  • Easy Deployment
    Protection begins the moment our container is deployed to the network
  • Autonomous Incident Response
    Our service detects and recognizes threats, and automatically responds
  • Smart Cloud Management
    Threat scores, logs, analytics, everything needed to manage clean network health