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Cyber Security Leader Takes Award-Winning Technology to Another Level with Fido v3   

-New Fido technology introduces containerized management and the option of plug-in or virtual implementations, expanding capabilities for any size deployment of – 

For Immediate Release, June 21, 2022, Salt Lake City – Guard Dog Solutions, Inc., dba, an award-winning leader in real-time cyber security protection for business and consumers today announced Fido v3. The new version includes technology for containerized management that overcomes supply chain issues as well as provides future product options in virtualized or cloud environments. In addition to convenience, the v3 alternatives expand’s Attack Surface Management and real-time threat elimination services to any size of deployment. An IT provider could now deploy and manage Fido protection for thousands of networks and users in a distributed or global organization remotely, from a single location.  

 For existing integrators or small businesses already using, the company will exchange previous hardware devices with new Fido v3 versions via exchange requests to   

   “We are extremely pleased to bring forward our first containerized management and fully virtual Fido alternatives for getting installations connected to’s advanced threat elimination technology,” said Peter Bookman, ‘s CEO. “We are passionate about helping businesses of every size achieve full and proactive Attack Surface Management capability.”  

 “The ability to deploy and protect thousands of endpoints at once, and remotely, has been on our roadmap from our very inception,” Bookman continued. “Now we are there, for every vertical market and for every size of implementation.”  

 For example, Rajesh Narayan, Sr. Director Analyst and James Ingham, Sr Director Analyst for Gartner®, notes in an April 18 Gartner report, “Insurance CIOs are increasing spending in the areas of security, APIs, analytics and cloud, but must also overcome legacy technology challenges with suppressed budget increases.” Particularly in the areas of security and cloud, these are needs’s strategy is working to address in the technology they’re introducing in Fido v3.  

 This is one of the many needs guardDog’s Fido v3 technology is now answering by making it possible to cover all areas of the potential Attack Surface with far greater economy and ease than before. 

 In all cases, uses AI-driven overlay technology to find and protect users and networks from attempted cyberattacks in less than two milliseconds, by identifying the threats that device and network management solutions can’t see and proactively halting potential exploits before they begin.   

 In both wired and Wi-Fi networks, Fido protects network and the device users from the threats across the entire Attack Surface, and most especially within the edge territory outside the perimeter of the network or on attached devices that other solutions cannot see. These include the myriad of IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as specialized health monitoring equipment, printers, doorbells, thermostats, smart refrigerators, smart pens, smart TVs, and game systems that are inherently vulnerable to the networks they join.   

 Fido uses patent-pending artificial intelligence to pre-emptively recognize, expose, and shut down cybersecurity threats before an attack can happen, protecting users from the latest threats such as ransomware from network exploit attempts, man-in-the-middle attacks, denial of service, and emerging novel threats, to protect networks and the devices attached to them.   

 Gartner, “What Vendors Need to Know About Insurance CIO Budget and Spending Priorities for 2022,” James Ingham, Rajesh Narayan, 18 April 2022. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved. 


   Guard Dog Solutions Inc., headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, has developed a cloud-based Autonomous Incident Response (AiR) cyber security software service that works together with a companion Fido unit to simplify network security. The solution provides protection and visibility as it exposes invisible threats on networks and the devices attached to them, with patented technology to address and prevent cybersecurity threats before they compromise network environments. Every business, government, healthcare institution, home consumer, or other organization, is grappling to find security solutions that are adapting to this changing world. is pioneering new innovations designed to meet these challenges.  

   In 2022, is expanding its reach still further to address full Attack Surface Management (ASM) and ASM-as-a-Service (ASMaaS) as cyber security’s next horizon.  Additional virtual deployments for are now available through methods such as clusters of open development based on containers, via Kubernetes orchestration, and through other industry partnerships. This makes hardware agnostic and will provide IT staff, IT organizations and MSSPs with the ability to achieve instantaneous and unlimited deployments. For more information, visit   

For more information and explore its full use and analytics at Live Map.