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Company NewsPress Release Announces Collaboration with Red Hat to Offer

By March 14, 2023July 9th, 2024No Comments

March 14, 2023– Guard Dog Solutions, Inc., dba, announced today a collaboration with Red

Hat to offer cyber resilience solutions for edge computing use cases. Using GuardDog’s simplified

cybersecurity analytics solution with Red Hat’s industry leading open source solutions , organizations can

more quickly analyze, score, and respond through automation to security issues at the edge.

GuardDog adds simplified cybersecurity analytics that allows architectures to respond before incidents

for ideal posturing and when attacks occur in new ways. The entire ecosystem benefits by developing

cyber-resilient offerings together. GuardDog is collaborating with Red Hat to develop Ansible Playbooks

to streamline the efficiency of cybersecurity analytics resources and reduce complex, manual analytics

that need to be created before action can be taken or responses offered.

“GuardDog is the First to provide Real-Time Simplified Cybersecurity Analytics to protect networks with

device visibility, proactively stopping threats and vulnerabilities from attacks,” stated Peter Bookman,

C.E.O. “Our team is excited to work with Red Hat and its ecosystem to create more highly resilient

architectures that use cybersecurity analytics to inform and create Ansible Playbooks or responses based

on risk, including when attacks are taking place.”

Red Hat has an established footprint and a network of expertise in hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

This collaboration will aim to drive greater return on proficiency, using Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat

Ansible Automation Platform to support organizations and environments previously unable to utilize

cybersecurity analytics done manually or in situations that are not real-time.

GuardDog’s simplified analytics platform combines a simple-to-deploy Fido, or vFido (virtual) device,

deployable on any network in minutes, immediately delivering intelligence to the Protective Cloud Service

(PCS). Within an hour, the PCS offers cybersecurity analytics on what it sees from a Fido or any number of

combined Fido’s across as many networks as desired. The Fido, or vFido device, additionally offers

interference using the network to stop attempted exploits from being successful on networks being

watched and analyzed.