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GuardDog’s VMware Architect Russel Hamker Receives Top Honors as Community Contributor: Rising Star by the VMware Tanzu Vanguard Unit

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GuardDog’s VMware Architect Russel Hamker Receives Top Honors as Community Contributor: Rising Star by the VMware Tanzu Vanguard UnitGuardDog partners with organizations on Simplified Cyber Security Analytic Solutions
January 18, 2023, Salt Lake City–Guard Dog Solutions Inc., announced today that their VMware Architect, Russell Hamker, received “Top 15 Rising Star” honors as a community contributor by the VMware Tanzu Vanguard Unit for 2022. GuardDogprovides cyber resilience by autonomously protecting networks and attached Internet of Things (IOT) devicesthrough continual analytics on threats attempted and thwarted.
As the award-winning leader in real-time cyber security protection in the SMB marketplace, GuardDog is using VMware’s Tanzu containerization technology to support hardware-free and entirely remote deployment and management of cyber security protection for any size partner, MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers) or organization. GuardDog will be educating organizations of all sizes on how to increase their cybersecurity resilience by training and deploying existing IT staff members to become Attack Surface Monitors in less than one hour.
Russell Hamker explained,“By utilizing VMware’s Tanzu technology to offer the vFido in any cloud or virtualized environment, simplified analytics and the ability to bring cyber resilience to any network.”
Russell joined GuardDog in February of 2022and has been instrumental in the company’s commercialization of the “vFido” product,offering and converting it to run using Kubernetes and soon to run on VMware Tanzu. Thanks to the VMware partnership combined with the virtualized alternative for GuardDog’s FiDo v3 product, it is now possible to cover all areas of the potential Attack Surface with far greater economy and ease than before.
Russell belongs to an elite technology group with 300-member internationally, in the VMware Tanzu and Kubernetes spaces. Russell has helped publicly educate partners on Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu adoption.
In August of 2022, Russell was a featured speaker at the VMware Explore US conference in San Francisco. He spoke alongside VMware employee DaShaun Carter, about VMware Tanzu and how to create your own test environment to learn the product. Russell also spoke at many VMware User Group (VMUG) conferences around the United States.GuardDog continues to help foster community growth andlearning in the Kubernetes and VMware spaces.
GuardDog has also helped supply the trainees with an OVA (Open Virtualization Appliance) to deploy in their home/lab to help train them on Kubernetes and many tools that are used in daily operations of the combined solution.GuardDog’s simplified analytics platform combines a simply implemented Fido or vFido (virtual) device deployable on any network in minutes that immediately delivers intelligence to the Protective Cloud Service (PCS). Within an hour the PCSoffers cybersecurity analytics on what it sees from a Fido or any number of combined Fidos across as many networks as desired. The Fido or vFido additionally offers interference using the network to stop attempted exploits from being successful on networks which are being watched and analyzed.
About GuardDog
Guard Dog Solutions Inc., headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, GuardDog provides real time cyber resilience by autonomously protecting networks and attached Internet of Things (IOT) devices through continual analytics on threats attempted and thwarted. simplified cybersecurity analytics software service that works together with a companion Fido unit to simplify network security. The solution provides protection and visibility as it exposes invisible threats on networks and the I.O.T. devices attached with patent pending technology to prevent cybersecurity threats before they compromise network environments. Every SMB organization is grappling to find affordable security solutions adapting to this changing world. GuardDog is pioneering new simplified innovations for cyber resilience designed to meet these challenges. For more information visit and explore its full use and analytics at Live Map.Safe Harbor StatementThis press release contains forward-looking statements of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Exchange Act. Forward-looking statements are not a guarantee of future performance and results, and will not be accurate indications of the times, or by, which such performance will be achieved.