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Protect Your Networks When in Edge Territory

Businesses have invested billions in security over the years to protect their networks from intruders, but recently the playing field has changed. Now businesses don’t just have to deal with a device an employee may bring into the office that they don’t control, but now they have to deal with an explosion of unsecured home and other networks employees may use. Security investments are often undermined on accident in edge territory, by employees that aren’t cybersecurity professionals, and this trend only complicates things.

guardDog has been working with enterprise businesses piloting our solution in their environments. guardDog has given them visibility into what is happening on their Wi-Fi networks, what devices are present, and our cloud AI-service identifies and shuts down threats. guardDog is available for small teams (sign up here) so check back. If you are a larger organization and would like to talk about solutions with our enterprise team, contact us here.

Business Cybercrime in the News

“Security teams have had to deal with BYOD since the advent of the smartphone, which runs on many networks outside the control of security teams. During the pandemic, company assets have moved away from the known networks, and despite being owned by the corporation, suffer all of the same issues of BYOD. The targeting of employees while they are not on the VPN, for later entry into well protected networks, reveals that some traditional trust models are outdated and ripe for exploitation.”

Scott Walsh, CPO Magazine – from “Home Is Where the Hack Is”