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Business Network Security

Automatic Protection For Your Business

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Protect Networks and Devices

Cyber Attacks Are Costing Billions

Small to medium-sized businesses of every kind are under threat. Retail, professional services, and industries across the board have reported increases in cyber-attacks. 60% of businesses that suffer an attack go out of business, so the threat can no longer be ignored. Our solution offers automatic and cost-effective protection for networks and devices to keep businesses safe.


of All Attacks Target SMBs


Don’t Have Cybersecurity Personnel


Attack Breech Increase

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Preventing Cybersecurity Losses

Stop Incidents Before They Become Losses

The best time to limit losses to your business is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. The health of your network and the devices attacked to them are regularly scanned for threats and vulnerabilities. Our autonomous incident response technology automatically terminates attacks and keeps current on emerging threats.

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Recognizes and Stops Common Attacks
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Gives You Complete Visibility Into Your Network and Devices
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Helps You Prevent Attacks by Addressing Found Vulnerabilities
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Network and Device Aware

Protects Against These Common Threats

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DDOS Website Attacks
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Man in the Middle Exploits
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Stolen Private Information
Business common threats

What Sets Us Apart

Virus Software
Agent Software
Security overlay device with cloud services stops threats to networks and devices at a network level Software installed on specific machines to protect against viruses and malware Software installed on specific machines for device management and security
Attempt to access video cam on your network
New laptop joined your network with many critical vulnerabilities
You clicked email link you clicked downloaded malware onto your machine
Your router requires an available patch due to reported critical vulnerability
A user in your enterprise tried to install a vulnerable application onto a device that is not allowed
Your printer connected to Wi-Fi has a serious vulnerability
A hacker is flooding your network with traffic with a denial of service attack
A hacker is trying to get into your wireless network
A hacker tries to steal wireless password to gain access
A hacker clones access point to trick devices into connecting with it
An infected network device tries to spread out on network 

Perfect for Small and Medium Sized Business

Our cloud-service works together with a network security device to protect your networks and devices, 24/7. Protection begins from the moment you plug it in.

Automatic Detection and Response to Attacks

Intelligently Acts as Your Virtual Cybersecurity Expert

Reports Threat Levels to Reduce Risk of Losses

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Ultimate Cybersecurity Solution

Hackers Rarely Take a Break, We Never Do

The average hacker can break into a vulnerable network in a few minutes, we stop attacks in milliseconds. Regular scans are made of your network and devices to automatically stop threats and to find vulnerabilities that can be fixed before they are exploited by hackers. With our distributed version, you can protect multiple locations, remote employees, and more.

How It Works

Stopping Threats in Their Tracks

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Providing Protection to Our Clients Worldwide

Phoenix, AZ


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Stopped by guardDog on 06/11/2020
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Salt Lake City, UT

Password Phishing

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Stopped by guardDog on 11/14/2019
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Boise, ID

Ransomwear Attack

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Stopped by guardDog on 03/27/2021

Will your service protect my Wi-Fi network and devices too?

Yes, our solution acts as an overlay by plugging into your router and monitoring activity at the network level. Devices access the Internet on your network. We recognize threat patterns and take them down or provide information on how you can resolve found vulnerabilities on attached devices. Each Fido device can monitor about 5,000 square feet of space. Check out our how it works section for more details.

Which version is right for me, Standard or Distributed?

Both versions offer the same automatic protections. The Standard version is more for a single location network and offers a simplified cloud dashboard and features for homes and small businesses, you can order now and get started here. The Distributed version offers features for managing multiple Fido device deployments across locations and networks for larger businesses and organizations. It also offers more advanced reporting options, privacy controls for managing internal networks vs. remote employee networks, and much more. You can always upgrade from the Standard to Distributed version with ease as your needs change. Contact our team to discuss setting up the Distributed version for your enterprise or other organization.

Do I need to be a cybersecurity expert to use this?

No. Our approach has been to rethink cybersecurity from the ground up. There is a worldwide shortage for millions of unfilled cybersecurity professional jobs, and often when someone does make a hire the person doesn’t have the skills to measure up to the challenges. We are making this more automatic. Our Autonomous Incident Response (AiR) gets smarter by staying up to date on thousands of emerging threats, recognizing threats and vulnerabilities detected on your network and devices, and deploying new countermeasures in your defense, all automatically. Our Distributed version has more advanced features and services, and our team will work with your organization to do custom integrations that match more sophisticated cybersecurity operations, but out of the box our service just works.

Does the Fido device slow down my network?

No, the Fido device acts as an overlay to your network. You attach it to the back of your router, and it then monitors networks and devices for threats and vulnerabilities at the network level. It does not inspect your data though, as data does not pass through our solution.

What do your protective cloud services do?

We developed a technology called Autonomous Incident Response (AiR) that continuously learns, recognizes threats, and automatically responds to terminate them. It gets smarter over time by recognizing known threats and vulnerabilities and by staying up to date on thousands of emerging threats on your behalf, along with deploying the right countermeasures to stop exploits before they become problems for you. It also matches incidents it detects during frequent vulnerability scans of your network and devices against CVE databases, and renders a unique proprietary threat score to measure your attack surface health. This eases security for your environment and makes managing it all more automatic.

How hard is this service to set up and use?

It’s easy to get started. Order your service and a Fido device will be shipped to you. You plug in an antenna, an ethernet cable that attaches to your router, and proactive protection begins as it powers on. You can then go register and login to your dashboard to access all our protective cloud services features. Our solution can scale to meet your needs and is just as easy to manage using our Distributed version. If you have a bigger business with multiple locations, remote employees, etc., contact our team and they will work with you to get you set up for a solution that matches your needs.

Does your service help with compliance related to recent cybersecurity regulation?

In many ways, yes. The moment our solution is activated your network, and the devices that are attached to it, are scanned and compared by our Autonomous Incident Response (AiR) technology, and detected threats and vulnerabilities are scored and reported through our cloud dashboard. It performs vulnerability assessments multiple times per day and generates a threat score for your network. It also generates analytics from captured logs to summarize key findings. We are working directly with customers in legal, financial, insurance, healthcare, and other industries on making these services stronger to ease compliance and to help our customers to avoid costly fines. Contact our team to discuss how we can help ease cybersecurity and compliance in your industry.

What’s a CVE?

It stands for “common vulnerabilities and exposures” which is an industry term for tracking these incidents. Our software services automatically match detected threats and vulnerabilities on your network or devices along with severity. Some CVEs you see will be incidents that we immediately terminated, such as a ‘denial of service attack,’ or a ‘man in the middle attack’ as they are known. Others will be listed and linked to a CVE database that will explain the incident and provide information on how to resolve the issue.

Get Cost-Effective and Automatic Cybersecurity for Business of Every Size

If you have one location or network, you can get started with our Standard version and order now from our website. Larger organizations can take advantage of our Distributed version that offers more advanced features for more complex deployments, consider additional support options, and learn about volume discounts.

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