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Opal Group Impact – Direct Investing Forum

September 10, 2020, Opal Impact Direct Investment Forum,  event addressed current direct and co-investment marketplace.

Impact investing is an approach that seeks to create positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Today, we see an increase in companies proving that mission-driven and communication-based strategy, can attract value-based workforce, investor base, and like-mined consumer. Impact investing strategies are also proving to be able generate returns in line to their traditional counterparts.

Investing in Disruptive Technology


Peter Bookman, Guard Dog Solutions Inc.

James Sowers, Executive Director, Sowers Family Investments (SFO) / Greater Good Society

“Security teams have had to deal with BYOD since the advent of the smartphone, which runs on many networks outside the control of security teams. During the pandemic, company assets have moved away from the known networks, and despite being owned by the corporation, suffer all of the same issues of BYOD. The targeting of employees while they are not on the VPN, for later entry into well protected networks, reveals that some traditional trust models are outdated and ripe for exploitation.”

Scott Walsh, CPO Magazine – from “Home Is Where the Hack Is”