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Network cables connected to servers potentially vulnerable to cyber attacks
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business phone vulnerable to enterprise network cyber attacks
Protect Networks and Devices

Attack Surfaces and Losses are Growing Exponentially

Detecting and responding to cyber-intruders used to be manageable, things have changed. Remote working, IoT device proliferation, and a host of other forces have reshaped the attack surface landscape. Hackers rake in $200 billion dollars more per year than the global illegal drug trade exploiting the vulnerabilities they find. Our autonomous solution is designed to be more aware, more automatic, and more adaptable to this new reality.


Per Second are Stolen by Hackers


Average Breech Cost


in Expected Annual Losses by 2025

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Distributed Network Solutions

Automatically Detect and Protect Against Emerging Security Risks

It’s been said that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Changes in the computing landscape required us to rethink the approach to enterprise cybersecurity. Our autonomous detection and response technology adds a new layer of protection to your existing networks and devices, while also providing capability for managing unsecured locations such as remote employee home networks.

Providing Protection to Our Clients Worldwide

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Securing Edge Territory

We coined the term ‘edge territory’ to describe the vast unpredictable space where secured networks meet unsecured networks. It’s a space where threats and vulnerabilities often go undetected until it’s too late. Our solution provides awareness and protection in these ever-growing blindspots.

Edge territory illustration of cyber threat prevention
Enterprise cyber threat detection software on laptop
Autonomous Detection and Response

Hackers Rarely Take a Break, We Never Do

The average hacker can break into a vulnerable network in a few minutes, we stop attacks in milliseconds. Regular scans are made of your network and devices to automatically stop threats and to find vulnerabilities that can be fixed before they are exploited by hackers. With our distributed version, you can protect multiple locations, remote employees, and more.

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Distributed Enterprise Version

Autonomous Detection and Response for the Global Enterprise

Our cloud-based dashboard for makes it easy to deploy and manage many site locations. Threats are recognized and terminated immediately. Vulnerabilities are scanned for constantly. Insights into networks and attached devices are readily at hand. Our autonomous incident response (AiR) technology provides an intelligent response to known threats, interprets new attack patterns, and gets smarter over time with artificial intelligence. We are out to make cybersecurity defense more automatic.

  • Detects and responds to threats automatically
  • Manages many deployed sites
  • Ranks and scores threat and vulnerability incidents
  • Matches detected incidents to CVE databases
  • Produces threat score to manage security hygiene
  • Generates detailed logs and analytics
  • Performs regular vulnerability scans
  • Maintains site specific privacy settings
  • Compliments existing security investments
  • Enterprise integration services available
  • Optional support programs available
Example of enterprise level cyber security software by guarddog

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