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Will Cox joins GuardDog AI to lead partner engagement as Channel Chief

By September 18, 2023July 9th, 2024No Comments

Will Cox brings his experience to GuardDog AI’s Channel Partner program, empowering cost-

effective and complete Cyber Resilience offerings.

September 18, 2023, GuardDog Solutions, Inc., dba GuardDog AI, announced today the

appointment of Will Cox as Channel Chief, to offer solutions with channel partners supporting

cost-effective and simplified cybersecurity and cyber resilience solutions. With GuardDog AI’s

simplified cybersecurity analytics solutions combined with partner services and support,

organizations can respond faster than ever to incidents. Using GuardDog AI’s Protective Cloud

Service combined with deploying Fido’s on any network, organizations can analyze, score, and

respond to cybersecurity issues through automation, bringing high business resilience.

GuardDog AI adds simplified cybersecurity analytics that allows partners and organizations to

respond together before incidents are recognized or even seen with other tools, providing ideal

posturing when attacks occur. Will is going to leverage his relationships, extensive resources, and

experience to create a robust ecosystem building on what GuardDog has implemented to date.

The entire marketplace can utilize a simplified cybersecurity analytics and response platform to

add automation to the rest of any organization’s infrastructure.

Peter Bookman (CEO) stated, “Our solution uniquely changes the way cybersecurity incident

responses take place, offering automated detection, analytics, and containment in microseconds.

Our partnerships complete cyber resilience strategies simply by making planning as well as

eradication simpler and more cost-effective than ever. We are excited to have Will, with his

experience and expertise, join the team to empower our partner ecosystem with a complete

offering to the cybersecurity marketplace. Together we are bringing the most complete business

continuity planning and response strategies to date. Will lends his over 30 years of experience

with the channel and over 19 years of vendor side engagement to our go-to-market strategy and


Will Cox stated, “I am excited to join the GuardDog AI team! Partner ecosystem engagement is a

key component to complete offerings to the market. I love the opportunity to utilize my

cybersecurity understanding as well as my experience with service organizations. I am confident

the market will very quickly realize the value of cyber resilience solutions and services, allowing

organizations to focus on business continuity. I look forward to working with established

relationships as well as new partners to add value and unprecedented answers to the cyber

security issues that are just getting worse, especially for small and mid-size companies who

cannot afford the solutions and services to date.”