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The Trusted Leader in

Cybersecurity Visibility and Response

DCX Vulnerability +
Isolation Solution

GUARDDOG AI’s groundbreaking solution offers automated response and stops attacks within seconds!


Slide the bar to show how GUARDDOG AI detects and assesses the threat. It automatically protects your network and contains hacks using network isolation. 

Vulnerability Management

GUARDDOG AI detects, contains, and isolates an attack in seconds, stopping it before critical damage occurs. Our simplified advanced analytics offers near real-time alerts and multi-tenancy scoring for vulnerability management.


Award Winning Technology

The average hacker can break into a vulnerable network in a few minutes, we stop attacks in milliseconds. See our awards that highlight GUARDDOG AI success.

Most CIO’s see 60% of their digital assets on average.

GUARDDOG AI offers 100% visibility across all digital assets. A new distributed enterprise needs new answers for edge-to-edge vulnerability management and response.

Edge to Edge + Cloud Coverage

Visibility across your entire enterprise


across all digital assets

detecting, isolating, and containingin seconds

  • Gathers information and analytics
  • Near real-time analytics and alerts which allows you to take action before critical damage is done to your network
  • Stops the attack and gives you time to make adjustments

Until we found GUARDDOG AI, the complexity and expense of the other cyber security solutions was not working for our organization. The DCX Vulnerability + Isolation Solution made it possible to evaluate vulnerabilities and take action. Without GUARDDOG AI we were not able to keep pace with cyber security threats. After installing the DCX solution, we went from being reactive to a proactive company.

Farm Bureau Financial Solutions

Not only has GUARDDOG AI’s Vulnerability + Isolation solution empowered us to extend our resources to remote and distributed locations simply and cost effectively but it has lowered the risks associated with managing our existing solution increasing efficiencies.

Command 7

With GUARDDOG AI’s DCX Vulnerability + Isolation Solution, the Innoneo team was able to detect and score potential threats and issues before they could impact any critical systems. By deploying the DCX solution, the Innoneo team was able to deal with potential exploits promptly, preventing any damage and quickly scoring the attack surface risk. This rapid response allowed my existing IT teams to mitigate the risk in minutes. I can now work with my distributed IT team and delegate cybersecurity tasks to analyze, understand, communicate, and respond effectively within their organization.

Andrew Innoneo