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About guardDog.ai

A New Approach

The Idea

The landscape of cybersecurity has been altered dramatically by a collision of forces. Bringing a personal device to work used to be the biggest issue to deal with. Today, the attack surface has grown exponentially, splintering the corporate network and the protections that usually come with it. Employees are working from home and on other unprotected networks. An internet of things joins networks and creates new dimensions to security management.

A worldwide pandemic has fueled and expanded the surface, and traditional solutions for protection are no longer adequate. We realized that we needed to rethink our approach to cybersecurity. It needed to be intelligent. It needed to be capable. It needed to be automatic. It needed to be simplified.


Easy Deployment

Protection begins the moment our Fido device is attached to the network

Autonomous Incident Response

Our service detects and recognizes threats, and automatically responds

Smart Cloud Management

Threat scores, logs, analytics, everything needed to manage clean network health

Our Mission is to Make Cyber Security Automatic

guardDog.ai has developed a cloud-based software service with a companion device that works together to simplify network security. The solution exposes invisible threats on networks, and the devices attached to them, with patented technology to address and prevent cybersecurity threats before they compromise network environments.

Our Management Team

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GuardDog Peter Bookman
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Peter Bookman

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25 years leading teams and disrupting markets with numerous exits. 2001 sold Phobos to SonicWall (now Dell) $321M. 2014 Fusion-io public NASDAQ $2.4B, sold to Sandisk. 2015 sold V3 Systems to Sphere 3d, later on NASDAQ. Peter has deep experience in engineering, and is credited as an inventor to 14 patents in both software and hardware intellectual property.

GuardDog CTO Anant Asthana
Chief Technology Officer

Anant Asthana

Architecture data scientist expert in software and security. Background in kernel/device drivers. Passion for implementing cutting edge machine learning systems. Ethical hacker specializing in network vulnerabilities.

GuardDog Chief Marketing Officer Shawn Patrick
Chief Marketing Officer

Shawn Patrick

Branding and marketing expert with decades of leadership experience developing startups into market leaders in Silicon Valley. Deep background in enterprise solutions, SaaS, PaaS, security, and artificial intelligence.

GuardDog CFO Dewey MacKay
Chief Financial Officer

Dewey MacKay

Extensive experience with startups and multinationals in operations, finance, and business development. Built startups at Altrice Investments, leading to multiple exits. Managing Member Quantacy Investments trading in global currency markets.

Don't Wait, Get Protected Now

Now there is a cybersecurity solution for your smart home that just works. Your network and devices are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities, and common attacks are automatically stopped before they can harm you. Protection begins the moment you plug it in.

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