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Healthcare Network Security

Helping to Secure Health in Edge Territory

guardDog has been working with healthcare providers to monitor edge territory. Over 2019, we detected 140,000 exploit activities with 12,174 new exploits added. Cyber attacks on healthcare are escalating in intensity and sophistication.

Our solution is HIPAA compliant and we understand what you need. Remote medicine and technology are the future, and due to COVID-19 need for security solutions have accelerated. We can help you navigate how to secure your healthcare environments in edge territory. Contact our healthcare team and learn more.

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Frequently asked questions?

Why choose GuardDog?

You can always know how secure you are on any size network or environment.

How quickly will I recognize I am under attack?

GuardDog will notify you instantaneously and will also interrupt the attack from being successful. 

Why are GuardDog analytics so effective?

It’s the only one simple enough to be deployed in any environment regardless of complexity or size. Minimal technical knowledge required to interpret the source of the issue.

How do I manage my score?

With the simplified analytics we provide, IT resources with sufficient knowledge will be able to respond. Our support team is ready to help anyone.

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