How It Works

What Makes guardDog the Best Cybersecurity Solution?

We are making cybersecurity automatic. From the moment you plug in your network security device Fido, our cloud-based protective services go to work on your behalf.

We offer a standard version for homes or single locations, and a distributed version for businesses or enterprises with multiple locations, employees, and networks.

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Man using tablet vulnerable to cyber attacks
Automated home thermostat vulnerable to cyber attacks
Point of Sale tablet in business vulnerable to hacks and phishing
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No Experience Required

Our software service is always learning to protect your network and devices. Vulnerabilities you never knew existed are exposed, ranked, and scored. Common attacks are detected and terminated in milliseconds.

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Continuously Scans Networks and Devices for Threats and Vulnerabilities

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Detects and Responds Autonomously to Attacks

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Reports Regularly About Network Health Through Cloud Dashboard


What makes guardDog Different?

Automatic Cybersecurity That Just Works

Plug in your Fido overlay network security device and protection begins before you even register. Each device can oversee about 5,000 square feet of space. It can take down Wi-Fi threats, find vulnerabilities that need to be fixed, and keep you informed of your network and device health through your own cloud dashboard.

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Order your service and receive a Fido device

GuardDog fido network protection device setup with cables attached to the side and back of device


Setup Fido device and attach to your router

GuardDog cybersecurity software interface on laptop


Monitor threats, vulnerabilities, and access reports

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Smart Equipment

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Remote Workers

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Distributed Offices

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Autonomous Incident Report

guardDog Protective Cloud Service

Protective Cloud Services (PCS) works with your Fido device to secure networks and devices against threats and vulnerabilities using our Autonomous Incident Response (AiR) technology. Our Distributed version differs from Standard by offering an advanced cloud dashboard and features for managing larger organizations with multiple locations and employees, advanced reporting, and more.

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Which Version is Right for You?

Services Common to Both Versions
  • 24/7 autonomous detection and response
  • Protects networks and devices at the network level
  • Automatic termination of known threats
  • Detects patterns to recognize new unknown threats
  • Threat scoring of incidents and attack surface
  • Automatically matches threats and vulnerabilities to CVE databases
  • Continuously performs vulnerability assessments
  • Monitors Wi-Fi and wired networks
  • Gets smarter over time with artificial intelligence
Standard Version
  • Single network or location
  • Home, small business
  • Simply plug and protect one location
  • Basic reporting
  • Simple PCS cloud dashboard
  • Buy online now!
Distributed Version
  • Multiple networks or locations
  • Larger business, enterprise, or organization
  • Manage and protect many locations
  • Extended reporting options
  • Additional customer support options
  • Enterprise integration needs
  • Advanced PCS cloud dashboard
  • Contact our enterprise sales team for a custom solution with volume discounts

Don't Wait, Get Protected Now is your cybersecurity solution. Your network and devices are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities, and common attacks are automatically stopped before they can harm you. Protection begins the moment you plug it in.

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