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Home Wi-Fi Networks are in Edge Territory

Now that the majority of the working population, from high-level Corporate Executives, entire IT Department and Heads, HR Departments, Accounting, Payroll, Quotes and Order Taking have been forced, like it or not, into a new norm of Work From Home (WFH) CODIV-19 scenario, we’re engaged in a new uprising territory of data breaches. The latest polls show that 11% of SecOps professionals believe that the white-collar working population will not be returning to the Corporate Enterprise Network Bunker’s security. We are all home and alone!

With this being said, we’re “all” floundering and fumbling into the Cyberspace through unknown and unseen connectivity via our homes, neighborhoods, hotels, and café’s “magical” routers and Internet access bundles. Our only care seems to be, am I connected and able to perform my work tasks? Who cares how it works? I don’t need to know how my cell phone or my streaming TV programs work; it just does, and if it doesn’t, we’ll get irate as if we have not had any food or water for days, let alone air to breathe.

Unbeknownst to us, our unseen connectivity could be through a cybercriminal “Man in the Middle” ploy. It could be anyone, a neighbor, a car parked out front of your house, a person across the room at Starbucks, Grocery Store, Café, Gas Station, or Doctor’s office waiting room who is cloning your energized laptop or cell phone. It could also be intrusions through a Wi-Fi device in our home.

Corporate and IT leaders should address security relevance by understanding the risks so measures can be taken to mitigate attacks and effectively provide the product, services, and training among their roaming employees.

These are the most important questions and answers needed in today’s COVID-19(WFH) and roaming environments, and they are typically not being asked.


  • What Router are you using at home, and has it been updated with the latest upgrade?
  • How any wireless access points do you have, and what brands are they?
  • Who is your Internet Service Provider, and what protections do they have in place?
  • What computers are connected to your home network, wired and wireless?
  • What computer or computers do you use to access the Corporate VPN?
  • What computers are accessing the home-Schooling environment?
  • Do you access the Corporate server through your cell phone or I-pad in and out of the home?
  • What gaming machines are utilized in the home to include: golf simulators, VR, etc.?
  •  What other Wi-Fi/IoT or connected devices do you have throughout the home? (Printers, Webcams, Doorbells, Baby Monitors, Thermostats, TV’s, Smart Appliances including Refrigerators, Alexi’s, Home Automation Systems, etc.)
  • How many APPs do you have on your phone controlling your home devices, and what are they?


We are now living once again in the Wild, Wild West. No law, No Protections, No Privacy, but this time the bandits are invisible. They sneak in unknown to the world (outside of the corporate enterprise’s most secure network and IT watchful eyes) and rob your precious personal information, including passwords, bank accounts, retirement accounts, medical records, social security numbers, etc. They know all about you and your family with a few keystrokes; once they are in, they are also actively looking for that open pipeline into your corporation’s trade secrets, clients, contacts, financials, and a deeper dive into all employees’ information. Like COVID -19, they are a Worldwide Virus, Unseen, Deadly, and pervasive. They are now more active than ever due to this new working landscape; our unprotected environments give them easy access with no one watching, until now.

At the Corporate level, Serious Training of (WFH) and roaming employees needs to happen regularly on how to live with and limit these masked bandits. Still, they are all around us; no one is safe from their exploits.

We no longer have instant access to warm bodies and smiling faces in the IT departments to ask such questions: Should I click on this upgrade? Should I click on this link to update my banking information? Should I give my Social Security Number and Birth Date to this IRS email request?

Remember what our parents used to teach us……If you have to ask the question the answer is usually No. Good advice before any of us clicks. No matter the protections in life, human error is always the issue.

The treatment is here and ready to be deployed. It will be working hard 24/7 for you to sniff out and expose the virus; it will log activities system-wide, it will quarantine them, and eliminate attacks from your now scrubbed, secured environment.

guardDog comes in tall in the saddle with authority and visibility -armed to the teeth with automated cyber weaponry to jail the virus and cuff the villains trying to hurt us.- Our Family, Community, Country, and World.  All of this is done while we are snug in our beds, having our morning coffee, running errands, helping the kids with schoolwork, or writing orders for work. Relief is here and ready to go to work for you. is the leading authority. The Leader of the Pack in stopping Cyber Crime in its tracks!


Home Cybercrime in the News

“The specific vulnerability gives a hacker a way to access your Wi-Fi network credentials, not the smart lock specifically. While no one could unlock your lock remotely through this vulnerability, they could access your Wi-Fi login information and wreak havoc on your home network.”

Molly Price, C|Net – from “August smart locks could be giving hackers your Wi-Fi credentials”