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Helping to Secure Health in Edge Territory

guardDog has been working with healthcare providers to monitor edge territory. Over 2019, we detected 140,000 exploit activities with 12,174 new exploits added. Cyber attacks on healthcare are escalating in intensity and sophistication.

Our solution is HIPAA compliant and we understand what you need. Remote medicine and technology are the future, and due to COVID-19 need for security solutions have accelerated. We can help you navigate how to secure your healthcare environments in edge territory. Contact our healthcare team and learn more.

Healthcare Cybercrime in the News

“Healthcare data carries an extraordinarily high value on the black market, typically worth 10 to 40 times more than a credit card number. Transferring such valuable information over unencrypted technologies, as now temporarily permitted, creates a situation ripe for hacking. Hackers can simply insert themselves in the unsecured communication, take the information they desire, and proceed to sell the information to perform various types of healthcare fraud or identity theft.”

Patricia Carreiro, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Attorney, Carlton Fields – from “Why a data security sting still lurks in COVID-19’s long tail”